She Awoke in Twenty-one Parts
She awoke naked.
She awoke breathless.
She awoke with Winston licking her face then barking.

She awoke wet.
She awoke sweating.
She awoke simmering in her own hot bath.

She awoke alone.
She awoke hung over.
She awoke with a stranger’s tongue, dry and fuzzy.

She awoke fighting. 
She awoke struggling.
She awoke tangled in bed sheets.

She awoke desperate.
She awoke without her head.
She awoke hating herself again. 

She awoke wanting.
She awoke in different parts.
She awoke with one eye opened and misplaced hair.

She awoke, she awoke
She awoke asking herself where her other eye was.
She awoke from her bad, bad dream.

© SB Joy, 2022

One thought on “She Awoke in Twenty-one Parts

  1. No Ho says:

    Might you be well on your way, if not there already, to seeing her struggle and suffering with compassion?


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