SBJ Studio Presents
Vignettes in Recovery

Season 1:
Coming to you from The infamous Triple R Resort (Recovery, Relapse and Recovery) located about 14 miles southwest, just outside your home town. These are little tales from my time here at the Triple R as survivor of family abuse, childhood PTSD, dysfunction, chaos, addiction of various sorts and co-dependency. Hopefully these Vignettes will offer you some experience, strength and hope in your recovery.

Welcome to Season 1, 2020

2020, Covid. Saying home. I decided to create a vlogging channel on YouTube.

Here is Season 1. A collection of short videos. I redid the first episode, so it’s actually episode 10.

I learned so much with each episode about myself and how to create videos.

I was surprised by the amount of emotion each piece took to create. After 14 episodes it was time for a break.

Soon I will be stepping back into my studio to record Season 2. These are spoken poems that cover the theme of recovery from family abuse and personal struggle to find meaning.

I hope my words touch you,

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