Giving Broken a Voice

Welcome to SBJ Studio.
I know you have literally millions of choices on how to spend your precious time.
I want to thank you for stopping by to have a read, watch a video or look at art. Enjoy.

SB Joy

Reluctantly Trusting in a Process

  • Affair
    Affair Work & Distractions are your truest loves. I’m the mistress an aquarian kept Gila monster proving your fondness for all things…. reptilian. © SB Joy, 2022
  • Afterlife
    Afterlife A dead moth’s wings flutter in the wind. © SB Joy, 2022
  • Fire Falling
    Fire Falling Multidisciplinary dysgraphic artist, poet, dishwasher, cook, cognitive dissident disallowing dog walkers and lovers from enjoying the simple act of stepping forward into love. The wag of a tail, the blush, the lick and kiss from a dog and his misappropriated ADHD multidisciplinary-poet -artist-dishwasher-cook’s imagination set to set you on fire with the simple …

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