Giving Broken a Voice

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SB Joy

Reluctantly Trusting in a Process

  • Angsty Foreign Film
    Angsty Foreign Film Damn my emotions are loud swinging a wide wake, like a barge down the Cumberland carrying every one else’s shit the way I carry on like an angsty foreign film. © SB Joy, 2022 Growing up in my late teens and twenties, I use to love to watch foreign films: Moon in …

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  • A Cat’s Tail
    A Cat’s Tail Metronomic, schizophrenic Tic, tic, tics… Three evenly spaced beautiful tics suspends time Tic, tic, tic… Then an up tempo Tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, double time a pause mistaken for a stop, a stroke, a purr Then two, pause, eight, pause, pause, Three, ten, four, five evenly spaced beautiful tics. © …

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  • Sharing the Love
    Sharing the love my words, half-sentences, plotless phrases, scribbled punch lines shred the papyrus, I dream on. you’ve, abandoned me to my own night terrors, like the time I told you about red rhinos riding religiously through Arabian deserts lush with greenery eating canaries and fried chocolate pies; you politely turned to me, smiled like …

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