Giving Broken a Voice

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SB Joy

Reluctantly Trusting in a Process

  • Cheque #3482
    Cheque #3482 A man passes as a human being, but really he’s a cheque. In fact he is cheque number #3482, which is drawn against what he use to be, a child. © SB Joy, 2022
  • Contortionist
    Contortionist A contortionist by nature I swallow whole all the latest books on fixing me, to become like you and you and us. © SB Joy, 2022 Countless books about fixing the self on the shelf. Years of fitting into how to be… And the pandemic of advice givers flooding YouTube and Podcasts. This magic …

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  • Before Leda was Greek, She was Irish
    Before Leda was Greek, She was Irish The history of love started with pigtails, freckles and green eyes. Before man’s concern with the tragedy of clocks, down comforters and four hundred thread count sheets of Egyptian cotton dyed straw yellow. Before sky had the name blue, before chemistry, before, before… Love shamelessly danced naked on …

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