Giving Broken a Voice

SB Joy

Welcome to SBJ Studio.
I know you have literally millions of choices on how to spend your precious time.
I want to thank you for stopping by to have a read, watch a video or look at art. Enjoy.

SB Joy

Words from Recovery.

Reluctantly trusting in the process with faith, hope & love.

  • Club House
    The club house is empty. The desperate voices silent in the jukebox. No clank from a cueball. * My parts are on strike, practicing social distancing, each decided to stay home to watch reruns: Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, Road Runner, Gilligan’s Island, Julie Childs, the Galloping Gourmet, Mr. Ed, followed by My …

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  • Carnival Heart
    I’ve never dated a person, instead I chased down my momentary fantasy, a childhood’s lost needs. The hunt, the bow and arrows games. * Trying like hell to have the earth spin without me, to avoid flesh, bone, blood and the low budget carnival ride from the theme park: Never Good Enough that hammers between …

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  • Inner Critic
    I have been freed from the man with thin orange lips & pencil thin mustache & a big red pen & yellow pointy teeth hungry to change every word I write into pointless syllables. © SB Joy, 2021 © SB Joy, 2021

Introducing Videos

It is a collection of spoken words I made in 2020.

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