Giving Broken a Voice

On Grieving:
After coming out of denial
I have come to believe that I could cry for the lost child within
for the rest of my life, instead I write.

S.B. Joy

I write as a way to express my grief.

Reluctantly Trusting in a Process.

  • Hibernating
    Hibernating Bear upon bear, buried under thick snow blankets, meditating spring’s thick thickets of wild blackberries. © SB Joy, 2023
  • Pond
    Pond Pondering in life’s pond that spreads before me. I watch scum like old memories sink to the bottom out of sight out of mind turning into covert fertile and fermenting mud that I squish between my toes. As the pond grows older it bustles to life before the algae bloom of age consumes all …

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  • Coping 1 & 2
    Coping 1 & 2 I prefer chasing dust that’s floating in mid air, …dreams. Rather than gathering dust with a dust rag off coffee tables and fireplace mantels …reality. © SB Joy, 2023


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