Giving Broken a Voice

Hornet’s Nest

Hornet’s Nest Splayed open I had a heart, sweet meat my parents made a feast of. A chamber for her A chamber for him. They dined on it again & again. When devoured, in its place they placed a woody pulp honest nest. That’s always a buzz, never at rest. Alert. Anxious. Always. © SB …

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A Loss

A Loss Every time I see a heart formed in stone laying alone on the beach or a well worn trail, I’m reminded of your cold shoulder and none of your tenderness. © SB Joy, 2022 The loss of best friend is never easy and it was mostly my doing. My struggle with discontent. SB …

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I Was Nirvana

I was nirvana Everybody is and was looking for a mystic To answer dumb questions To make an idol To fill the media hype machine To erase their pain, sorrow, their ADHD To point the finger elsewhere I was a mystic at eight I was a mystic at three I was a mystic of a …

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This Ugly Thing

This Ugly Thing There is this ugly old dried stinky peat thing I love about me. When crossed, my eyes will toss you into a frozen pond in the frozen tundra and keep your head frozen in the freezing water for a minute, a day, a month, a year or til’ you turn blue with …

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A Mazing Place

A Mazing Place A field in the plateau Homes owned for decades by families Property for sale and signs of promises “Future home of Amazing Grace” I don’t remember if it was a church or tabernacle Not sure if it was the first, the last, the only Right now its’ just a lonely sign in …

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Cadillac Love

Cadillac Love Plush cushy heated seating Surround me with sounds As you navigate my stars day or night Drowning me in your delights. © SB Joy, 2022 Ah, pure pleasures SB Joy

30 Percent Chance of Rain

30 Percent Chance of Rain There is a dark thunderhead in my head, A building of unstable words in the atmosphere. Waiting to downpour all over this page. A flash flood watch has been issued, with a 30 percent chance of a phrase or two And 70 percent chance of not. © SB Joy, 2022

Canary In A Cage

Canary In A Cage In the market In movies, on sofas In carpool lanes In wallpaper and tapestries From the thirteenth century Is a melody of life in a cage Howling in the smallest wind currents Of air conditioning ducts, open doors, windows And body drafts moving room to room My songbird is kept in …

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Longing at Three

Longing at three I don’t expect you In the morning. Ah, at three, when you pick up Your son from the school Across the street My longing heart Prays for a simple glimpse of you. © SB Joy, 2022 Heart longings, divorcees, MM. This happened many years ago, best that nothing became of it? Best …

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