Giving Broken a Voice

Ghostly Me

Ghosty Me In the ghost that was me there were more than a me. There were parts that are missing and parts that were found. Down silent hallways in silent rooms surrounded by stormy voices. Locked in closets, inside locked trunks tied down to floor ties and splintered wood, in splintered minds and splintered souls,…

The Problem: Grandiosity

The Problem: Grandiosity I am the problem, the squirrel cage, with no mathematic solution. No matter where I go, there I am adding up two plus two equals minus me. The same me staring at the same me, with more wrinkles day by day, where my furrowed brow deepens tyring like hell to solve the…


Bracing My whole life bracing against, is my learned survival antic. When out of the quiet & blue a family of hoodlums bicycle through bracing they bring an onslaught of laughter. Hooting and frolicking without a care. How dare, without a care do I brace against that? © SB Joy, 2023

Poems About Nothing

Poems About Nothing so many poems go on and on about… nothing so many poems about fall’s tapestry and war, about blood’s blame, about the human act to hate commingling with love. more poems about the willow’s wisp, the aspen’s golden shower, the maple’s scarlet leavings all add up to an airy white puff from…


Rose It all starts with a human centric fairytale. A bland once upon a time in the beginning far far away Where men destroy each other in the pursuit of a singular misplaced rose. © SB Joy, 2023

Slosh, the long version

Slosh, the long version There are days when I feel I am a mere slosh of unbalanced chemicals stumbling across a high wire. Today is such a day. This week, full of weaken bottomless days where I experience the rise of rage and the fall of shame Unable to accept the what I am, struggling…


Affair Work & Distractions are your truest loves. I’m the mistress an aquarian kept Gila monster proving your fondness for all things…. reptilian. © SB Joy, 2022


Afterlife A dead moth’s wings flutter in the wind. © SB Joy, 2022

Fire Falling

Fire Falling Multidisciplinary dysgraphic artist, poet, dishwasher, cook, cognitive dissident disallowing dog walkers and lovers from enjoying the simple act of stepping forward into love. The wag of a tail, the blush, the lick and kiss from a dog and his misappropriated ADHD multidisciplinary-poet -artist-dishwasher-cook’s imagination set to set you on fire with the simple…


Amazon From it’s high crested bully pulpit, Amazon makes recommendations: Why beer Matters & Charming Shrew. What? Who am I? © SB Joy, 2022


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