Giving Broken a Voice

Cities of Dreams

Cities of Dreams In the Music City and my hometown, I watched them dig a massive grave, a concrete foundation for a multi-storied office building aka a mausoleum, where all our dreams are traded for debt and filed away. © SB Joy, 2022 Chasing the dream, not everyone becomes a soccer star, an Olympian or …

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Circles The lady in the white sleeveless satin blouse coughs up a toothless fairy that proceeds to grant her three wishes. Her first wish was to love like a tornado; Her second to bend like a willow; Her third was a to flow like the Milky Way. So the fairy turned her into a fairy. …

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Chosen I thought: how odd and delighted, That you claimed the chair next to mine. When there were fifteen fairer companions. © SB Joy, 2022

Birds & Children

Birds & Children Its’ because we are told to be silent That we shout from tree branches – “Hey its’ me, right here, here, right here. Look, its’ me. Attention, attention, I’m here up in a tree, aren’t I grand”. © SB Joy, 2022

Ancient Auntie

Ancient Auntie Blue eyes I’ve never meet, but knew, an ancient auntie perhaps – kinder than my mother – said: “you look like an actor.” Mother, hellbent on filling my life with her story, said: “my hair was wasted on a man.” My distant auntie goes on: “You’ve got the stare of an empty parking …

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Cheque #3482

Cheque #3482 A man passes as a human being, but really he’s a cheque. In fact he is cheque number #3482, which is drawn against what he use to be, a child. © SB Joy, 2022


Contortionist A contortionist by nature I swallow whole all the latest books on fixing me, to become like you and you and us. © SB Joy, 2022 Countless books about fixing the self on the shelf. Years of fitting into how to be… And the pandemic of advice givers flooding YouTube and Podcasts. This magic …

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Before Leda was Greek, She was Irish

Before Leda was Greek, She was Irish The history of love started with pigtails, freckles and green eyes. Before man’s concern with the tragedy of clocks, down comforters and four hundred thread count sheets of Egyptian cotton dyed straw yellow. Before sky had the name blue, before chemistry, before, before… Love shamelessly danced naked on …

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A Certain Jealousy

A Certain Jealousy I know you’re out being unfaithful letting your    selle de vélo part my favorite lips. © SB Joy, 2022 Ah, the Tour de France has come to an end for this year. She loved her cycling more than I. SB Joy

The Blue Hole Mermaid

The Blue Hole Mermaid I saw a woman standing on a wet rock ledge A cool river flowing inches from her feet Rocks and sun and bushes and trees A cascading canyon punctuated by a blue hole Teaming with swim-her’s and swim-he’s Her black hair straight and wet, shoulder length Streaming streams soaking the ashen …

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