Club House

The club house is empty. 
The desperate voices 
silent in the jukebox. 
No clank from a cueball. 

My parts are on strike, 
practicing social distancing, 
each has decided to stay home 
to watch reruns:
Leave It To Beaver, 
Father Knows Best, 
Road Runner, Gilligan’s Island, 
Julie Childs, the Galloping Gourmet, 
Mr. Ed, followed by My Favorite Martian. 

Me, I’m going home to watch 
Hogan’s Hero, 
a bunch of prisoner’s of war 
making the best of being held
captive by a band of fools.

© SB Joy, 2022

All my parts, my inner children gone silent. Have a bothered to see them?


2 thoughts on “Club House

  1. No Ho says:

    I had no idea how locked up I was by my chosen distractions.


  2. No Ho says:

    OMG, another one. How many have I avoided, missed, forgotten, binging on distractions?


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