passin’ thru
i pulled up on a cloud
  ordered saffron tea,
from a waitress 
with turbulent high wind 
for hair
she apologized, 
said “we are in a drought, 
  we haven’t had rain in six years, 
  i’d be happy to bring you
  a dust bowl instead.”

i thanked her, 
told her: 
“i was just 
  passin’ thru
like the sun, 
bearing down
on my madness 
her radio raves
into my looney tunes.

she told me:
  i didn’t look anything like the sun
  and that looney season had passed, 
  i’d need a license 
from the county clerk 
and she ran off
with the last looney loon.
they left last season and
all licenses have expired.
© SB Joy, 2022

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