Poems About Nothing
so many poems
      go on and on
about… nothing

so many poems
    about fall’s tapestry
and war, 
blood’s blame,
the human act 
to hate
with love.

more poems about 
the willow’s wisp,
the aspen’s golden
shower, the maple’s
scarlet leavings
all add up to 
an airy white puff
from a cottonwood,
floating on the 
wind’s breathy

poems about hope 
offering nothing to
hold on to, 
a hot cauldron
without ladle
or handles.

like so many
poems about 
hate and love
power and greed,
nothing, nothing
about my own
greedy little hands 
grasping at the 
floaty elusive puffs.

grasping at the last 
bags of golden 
wheat berries 
on the grocer’s shelf.

nothing about 
how many hearts,
minds, eyes I’ve
stolen with a gaslight.

nothing about 
my misplaced 
barbaric ancestry 
coursing through 
my DNA.

about nothing
like my tiny 
gluttonous hands 
grasping at wind 
hoping to find 
the perfect lover
without being a 
decent one.

so many words 
pass through 
my fingers as 
I grasp at the wind’s
breathy hot air 
leaving you, my beloved 
      with nothing
      but a flimsy
concept to grasp
a bit of puff floating
in midair.
Babbling on and on and on...
© SB Joy, 2023

One thought on “Poems About Nothing

  1. No Ho says:

    Babble on… “…hoping to find the perfect lover without being a decent one.” Yikes! This is way too timely in my inner world. Not so “magnificent.”

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