Circling Home
The invisible made visible
     on the lithographic stone 
a concrete center median.

The wing of an Angel, lost
     in a crash of tire and scraping metal
all printed in black, white and red.

The ambulance lumbered in traffic,
     as the driver circled home
in the arms of the one winged angel.
© SB Joy, 2022

2 thoughts on “Circling Home

  1. No Ho says:

    In my ADHD reaction to “Circling Home”, trying to be funny, I was tempted to wonder are you having trouble with your printer — just let it go despite my tears. And in that distraction I crashed into my own twitching wing that broke off decades ago. I’ve avoided and evaded knowing that for decades, circling around, cycling over, yet denying the nearby warehouse full of five gallon buckets mixed in with 42 gallon barrels, wall to wall, all filled with a slurry of poisonous pain, scary loss and toxic sadness. I have been in terror of my own self-contempt; a wake I’d left behind. There lay my unprocessed burdens and delayed bereavement. It’s been begging to grieve. It’s now a steady leak being made manageable by a refining process instead of always contaminating my relationships. Thanks to my hp AND for your help SB Joy.

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    1. SB Joy says:

      Much love to you!


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