The Blue Hole Mermaid

I saw a woman standing on a wet rock ledge
A cool river flowing inches from her feet
Rocks and sun and bushes and trees 
A cascading canyon punctuated by a blue hole 
Teaming with swim-her’s and swim-he's

Her black hair straight and wet, shoulder length
Streaming streams soaking the ashen rock base 
Sunlight sculpting feet, legs, hips, bumps, bulges, and breasts
Packed away and upright she is a stout two-legged mermaid

It is then I noticed her left leg, its’ that of a muscly man, 
And I wonder as I do “Did the donor have a name?”
© SB Joy, 2022

Sometime ago, back in Tennessee, there was a blue hole full of swim-her’s and swim-he’s, mermaids and mermen.

SB Joy

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