Another Junkie
Peach, blue, orange, red, white, apricot
vanilla bean, egg wash.

Yesterday’s CNN headlines tout 
the benefit of egg wash, then the news
is followed by the not news… 

     gun sales at the fairgrounds;
     car chases; bank robbers
     wearing yellow custard scarfs,

     selling Yoplait banana cream;
     then the lights go out, the t.v. too,
     and i’m carried off…

A super sized ladybug brigade hoists me
out the window, breaking glass
making a sound like – Chopin
and not a Shostakovitch cello concerto.

The clumsy little ladies drop me
onto a cloud of glue, 
I huff and puff as

pansy petals become violent 
gold leaf and the name 
Rasputin means snake oil
bought from a carnival’s
clown wearing pin strips.

A planned luncheon never happens, 
as lonely congealed cranberry salad
wiggles gently, the handsome
waiter waits. I dream. You don’t.
I eat, you don’t, as the last puzzled piece falls
from a coffee carafe like the last tear of god.
© SB Joy, 2022

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