I was nirvana

Everybody is and was 
   looking for a mystic
To answer dumb questions
To make an idol
To fill the media 
   hype machine
To erase their pain, 
   sorrow, their ADHD
To point the finger elsewhere

I was a mystic at eight
I was a mystic at three
I was a mystic of 
   a dysfunctional family
I could ride waves
I could ride my bike
I could ride, I could ride, 
   I would ride my bike

I would ride in silence
I would ride in rage
I was a child prodigy
A mystic misplaced
I could make you laugh
I could ease your pain

I would watch cartoons, 
   the wild wild west, 
   the LA Rams
   the galloping gourmet
I could burn fish in a steamer
and melt a pot on the stove
I could transform boiling water 
   into nothingness
A kitchen mystic, 
an alchemist at fourteen
   fifteen, twelve, or eleven

I was a mystic with two homes
Two moms, two dads
Five brothers, and a sister 
We were radioactive
We wrestled alligators
We ate meat and tuna casserole
We ate iceberg lettuce with ranch
   and called that a salad, 
   it was new back then
I would eat all the calories 
and make them disappear
Including my two moms, two dads 
and those countless maddening brothers

On five hours of basketball 
   a day
I could shoot, I could dunk, 
I could jump, I could drive 
to the hoop, I could
I was all and nothing in one shot
I was time standing still
I made you forget about everything
I was a court mystic, jester, madman
I was nirvana

© SB Joy, 2022

2 thoughts on “I Was Nirvana

  1. No Ho says:

    Awesome accounting and priceless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SB Joy says:

      Thanks 😊


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