A Mazing Place
A field in the plateau
Homes owned for decades by families
Property for sale and signs of promises
     “Future home of Amazing Grace”
I don’t remember if it was a church or tabernacle
Not sure if it was the first, the last, the only
Right now its’ just a lonely sign in a field 
Flowers, tall grasses, Bees humming and 
Untold bugs bugging in the 
     “Future home of Amazing Grace”

Realtors, promises, building plans and committees
Families giving up land owned for generations 
For a price, for a god, for a divorce, for the 
     “Future home of Amazing Grace”

Small things slow down the promise
Choices, colors, carpet, chairs, baptismal tile 
Politics, preachers, preacher's politics, 
tithing or lack of, non-committed committees, 
regulations, parking, doors, hallways,
plumbing fixtures, red letter bibles.

The bugs are happy without committees
The flowers bloom without painters
The wind blows without air conditioning
And songs of worship go up without a choir
In this empty field of amazing grace.

© SB Joy, 2022

Somewhere in Beershaba Springs, TN decades ago there was a for sale sign in a meadow that called out.

SB Joy

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