Apocalyptic Cinema
Any day now I imagine this sold out cinema, 
will be closed down due to a technical difficulty. 
A clumsy, overworked and underpaid angel, 
will trip over the sun’s electrical cord, 
wrenching it from it’s socket, 
and reducing us to flickering ghosts.

And before the last flick of flame fades 
through the final celluloid frame, 
and my skin melts away and my eyes 
turn into exploding Skittles, 
I have two nagging questions:
1. Who directed and wrote this episodic film: 
   Jesus, Jehovah – Buddha – Shiva, Krishna – 
   Allah, Mohammed, – Spielberg, Allen, 
   or perhaps Scorsese? 
2. Was the end a scientific cosmic accident 
   like the beginning, when I randomly grew two legs, 
   stepped out of a swampy soup of single cells 
   during a thunderstorm and invented the tango, 
   have all the prophets nightmares come true? 

© SB Joy, 2022

So many days feels like it could be the last, the earth folded up like a newspaper for recycling.

SB Joy

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