Wohry, Woory, Worry
Worry would like to be my best friend
It has been my counselor for decades
It has warned me, prepared me, scared me
It doesn’t take no for an answer
It doesn’t have to when it is a ruling god
It can declare and counter declare and counter itself again

Worry holds me tight so I can’t move, can’t breathe
It is 12:41 in the morning, or is it night
12:41, how long has it been 12:41
How long have I been looking at the clock?
I look again and its’ still 12:41
I worry, something must be wrong 
I worry that the clock is broken
How long can a minute last?
I turn over and turn over again
It is 1:11 finally it is no longer 12:41
But what does it mean 1:11
Is God trying to tell me something in code?

I have been know to worry about food
About having enough, having cooked enough
About timing and will it all come out okay
Will everyone love it the way I do?
Like a song you love and want to share
And when you do, the response is blank
A none response and then I worry
That I have been duped and maybe the song is really not that good
And neither is the food, so instead, I have made three or four desserts
That will make up for it, expect maybe I need just one more something with pears… perhaps.

© SB Joy, 2022

One thought on “Wohry, Woory, Worry

  1. No Ho says:

    I made a hard copy and filed it under “How to worry the right way!”


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