The Antique Shoppe on Fourth Ave, Franklin TN
The mirrored medicine cabinet leaned on the front porch. That was the draw to the Antique shoppe door, stepping in I saw a brown ceramic cookie jar sporting a windmill scene for sale on a shelf, twenty-five dollars. I'm guessing it cost five dollars forty years ago. Damn, that cookie jar reminding me my childhood was officially antique. 

The medicine cabinet was made out of oak with a pot marked mirror 
hung on worn hinges, the way we wear out knees, hips, elbows and lips, 
flapping about yesterday.

It had been painted a pale blue, then a cream, 
not face cream cream, more of a faded yellowish cream.
Then happier version of a mental institution green, 
like the place my mom stayed for a while when I was four.

© SB Joy, 2022

From things that are…

SB Joy

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